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Esteros del Ibera Natural Reserve General Information

The Iberá Wetlands (in Spanish, Esteros del Iberá, from Guaraní ý berá "bright water") are the second-largest wetlands in South America. They are located in the center and center-north of the province of Corrientes, Argentina. The Esteros are a mix of swamps, bogs, stagnant lakes, lagoons, natural slough and courses of water of pluvial origin, with a total area of between 15,000 and 20,000 km².

Since 1982, the wetlands are part of a protected area (the Iberá Natural Reserve), which comprises 13,000 km² (14% of the surface area of Corrientes, the largest protected area in Argentina). Iberá is also one of the most important fresh water reservoirs in the continent.

The Natural Reserve hosts a large biodiversity, including four species that have been declared "provincial natural monuments": the neotropical river otter, the maned wolf, the pampas deer, and the marsh deer. It is also home to the two Argentine species of alligator, the Yacare caiman (yacaré negro) and the broad-snouted caiman (yacaré overo), as well as the capybara (the world's largest rodent) and about 350 bird species.

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Most important things to do at Esteros del Ibera

Things you can not miss:

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How to get to Esteros del Ibera (Colonia Carlos Pellegrini)

There is no direct transport from Buenos Aires to Colonia Carlos Pellegrini (Unless you take a car. The ways to get there are form Posadas (Misiones) or from Mercedes (Corrientes) The recommended ways to get to Colonia Carlos Pellegrini are:(5 * the best and most expensive and 2** the less expensive and less recommended way)

*****: Fly to Posadas (Misiones) by regular flight (U$ 130) and then take a private airplane from Posadas to Pellegrini  around U$ 400 (up to 3 pax).

****: Fly to Posadas (Misiones) by regular flight (U$ 130) and then take a private transfer (4WD) from Posadas to Pellegrini around U$ 180 (up to 4 pax)

*** Bus from Buenos Aires to Mercedes (Corrientes) overnight bus around U$ 30 and a private transfer from Mercedes to Pellegrini around U$ 60 (up to 4 pax).

** Bus from Buenos Aires to Mercedes (Corrientes) overnight bus around U$ 30 and a then the public bus around U$ 10 x pax, (The time schedules are not appropriate and this option is not recommended to people that do not like to travel with animals,.....)

You can continue your trip to Iguazu but you have to keep in mind that the only way to do the road Colonia Carlos  Pellegrini to Posadas is by a 4WD unless it did not rain for at least 4 days.

Getting to Colonia Carlos Pellegrini from Iguazu:

**** Take a private plane from Iguazu to Colonia Carlos Pellegrini U$ 900 round trip plus accommodation and food of pilot (Up to 3 pax)

**** Take a 4 WD from Iguazu directly to Colonia Pellegrini Arround U$ 420 up to 4 passengers.

***Take a taxi to Posadas a U$ 180 and a 4WD from Posadas to Colonia Pellegrini U$ 180 Total U$ 360 up to 3 passengers.

**Take a bus from Iguazu to Posadas around U$ 15x pax  and then a 4WD U$ 180 to Colonia Carlos Pellegrini.

* You can take a bus to Corrientes, and then another bus to Mercedes and then the bus to Pellegrini and do the whole trip for less than U$ 50 but you will need to be patient, have enough time to combine the buses and be the kind of people that enjoys traveling by bus.

Getting to Colonia Carlos Pellegrini from Salta:

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Where to stay at Esteros del Ibera

Colonia Carlos Pellegrini is the place you need to go if you want to visit Esteros del Ibera, it is a small village (700 population) that has the right infrastructure for tourism. There are a few Hotels and lodges that can cover all the budgets. Our recommendation is to stay at Posada de Laguna  ( ) a 6 bedroom lodge at the end of the town right by the lagoon. This lodge is very well managed by the owner Mrs. Elsa Guiraldes, a painter that got in love with this paradise 15 years ago and started this, the 1st accommodation available in the area. Its magical garden, right by the marsh is the ideal place to start bird watching where you can find more than 100 species of the 350 that you can see in Ibera. It has its own port where you can take the boat trips or free your self in the lagoon riding a canoe to see the wild life almost from the water level.

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What to take to Ibera

You DO need to take the following, Solar protection, Bugs repellent, a Photo camera, (batteries and film if it use), there is electricity in town 220 volts so you can charge any battery if you take the chargers.  A rain jacket will be helpful in the case it rains and rain shoes will help you enjoy if it happens to rain.Links: