As Birdwatching has been gaining increasing importance worldwide, Posada de la Laguna has become the preferred lodge for Special programs for Birdwatchers: As Birdwatching has been gaining increasing birdwatching lovers in Argentina, both for its privileged location within the Themi National Reserve and for its experience organizing exceptional birdwatching activi- ties. Its native guides take tourists along magical circuits within the Reserve alloning them to spot over 350 bird species inhabiting this ecosystem, rare beauties such as the Javirú, the Yetapa de Collar and the Yellow Cardinal.

In harmony with nature, Posada de la Laguna also hosts many bird species. Relaxing from a Paraguayan hammock, you can see them walking along the garden, sitting on a branch or wandering about the galleries. Prepare your binoculars... adventure starts right outside your room!